Other Activities

Roidina Safari Lodge Activities:

  • Fitness at Roidina

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fittest of them all?

Before the sun break through the leaves of the trees in our beautiful garden, stretch out and have a full body workout in our full equipped gym. (On own risk)

Run on the treadmill, ride the bicycle or jump up and down, roll the ball or use the weights.
This all and more in the room while watching yourself in the mirrors on the walls.

  • A Time-Out in Namibia's Healing NatureDSCF0331-150x200

The power and the silence of our place offer an exit from their “rush hour of life” – a break from the usual environment of everyday stress in the nature of Namibia. Use the power of the Namibian nature for your regeneration. Immerse yourself in the tranquility and space. Let the warmth of the sun recharge your batteries. Open your eyes for Africa’s deep blue sky, the red earth and the unspoiled fauna and flora. Relax in the shade under the trees and listen to only the sound of nature: the gentle sound of the wind and the sounds of wildlife that slowly roam the steppe. Give your body a chance to regenerate, allow your mind to calm down and feel your own needs. Gather strength and energy so that you attain your performance again.

On Roidina Safari Lodge you will find relaxation and pure regeneration. Relax in our original, but luxury thatched roof bungalows or spend the night in our mountain hut around the camp fire.
Enjoy our service and let us pamper you. Let yourself go, we take care of you!

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