Omaruru Resort

Have you ever stayed in a grass roof bungalow in Omaruru Resort?

In Namibia, this is the traditional design, popular mainly because of its aesthetically pleasing design that integrates a unique way into nature. Because of the favourable climatic conditions inside the air can circulate better – the whole building breathes.

While staying on Roidina Safari Lodge in Omaruru you can stay in Luxury thatched roof bungalows built in an African style with a shower and private swimming pool on the terrace.  Our cuisines are known for the fine Traditional "Boere" dishes and are served in our restaurant.

Cozy Inside, Even Better Outside

Interior are decorated our grass roof bungalows comfortable and tasteful. Each bungalow carries a personal touch – from the four –poster bed to the loving decoration.

On comfort you need by no means be without it, each bungalow has its own bathroom. And the way to breakfast and dinner will guide you through our beautiful cactus garden, under the nests of weaver birds through to the large Lapa, where you can enjoy the unique view of our wildlife and unspoiled nature when eating on the porch.

Pure Relaxation

After a hot day under the African sun, you can relax at our charming blue pool and listen to the sounds around you to unwind and enjoy the sunny weather.

Well Maintained Ground: Pool and GardenIMG_0834-001-200x149

Our friendly and helpful staff is responsible for taking care of our garden and pool. They are the people who live with us on Roidina Safari Lodge Omaruru. Friendliness and helpfulness are in the multicultural society of Namibia entrenched values. Enjoy a relaxing vacation where you will lack nothing.

An Experience for all the Senses

A special feature of Roidina Safari Lodge in Omaruru Namibia is the exquisite cuisine with daily changing menu. Let yourself be enchanted by the combination of European and African cuisine.6-200x149

Only fresh and selected ingredients found in our exclusive dining place. For this, a good wine and the perfect view of the animals at the water hole - of which you will still rave for many years.

Atmospheric Ambiance

The lovingly furnished Lapa offers a morning room flooded with light and evening full of atmosphere, when dusk falls. Enjoy breakfast and dinner in this unique ambiance and recharge your strength and vitality.

Roidina Mountain Hut, Sun-downer on the Refuge

The path leads through the evening light enchanted landscapes on a steep gravel road to  be situated at 1600 m, the Roidina mountain hut.DSCF0313-200x149

Here you can enjoy a breathtaking 360° panoramic view of the Namibian savanna landscape. Enjoy the setting sun with their incomparable colors with a glass of good wine on the terrace of the Roidina mountain hut.

You are welcome to the experience on the refuge for several days to expand, to enjoy the absolute tranquility and proximity to animals and nature. Our Self-Catering units offers you complete freedom itself.

Lodge Drives and Bush Walk

Let yourself be enchanted by the pristine landscape and the fascinating wildlife in guided bush walks or farm trips.

In open terrain and safe vehicles to explore with a guide the large areas. Apply to African animals in their natural habitat and enjoy the ride over stock and stone.

Our guide will accompany you on hikes or walks in our bush. Whether in the river beds, the valleys, the Savannah or a 40 minute climb to the Roidina Mountain Hut, anywhere you can experience the wild African nature up close. Through our native companions, you’ll learn interesting facts about the country, animals and plants in Namibia.

A Time-Out on in Namibia’s Healing Nature

DSCF0331-150x200The power and the silence of our place offer an exit from this ”rush hour of life” – a break from the usual environment of everyday stress Trot in the nature of Namibia.

Use the power of the Namibian nature for your regeneration. Immerse yourself in the tranquility and space. Let the warmth of the sun recharge your batteries.

Open you eyes for Africa’s deep blue sky, the red earth and the unspoiled fauna. Relax in the shade under the acacia trees and listen to only the sound of nature: the gentle sound of the wind and the sounds of wildlife that slowly roam the steppe. Give your body a chance to regenerate, allow your mind to calm down and feel your own needs. Gather strength and energy so that you attain your performance again.

On Roidina Safari Lodge you will find relaxation and pure regeneration. Relax in our original, but luxury thatched roof bungalows or spend the night in our mountain hut around the camp fire.
Enjoy our service and let us pamper you. Let yourself go, we take care of you!

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